fundingBecause we receive no tax generated funding, the organization depends on membership dues, fundraising events, contributions of individuals, corporations and foundations to maintain the collections and facilities and provide the possibility to expand educational and cultural opportunities. These donations, both large and small, allow us to remain one of the community’s assets as we continue to promote the Burlingame area.

With your help, we make an important investment in Burlingame’s future, ensuring the history, heritage and culture will be preserved for generations to come while providing a fun and unique learning experience today.


The membership year is from January 1 to December 31 of the current year.

Membership levels are:

~~ Individual membership  $20

~~ Family and business membership   $25

You will find a membership application form Here


General donations received are deposited into the operating fund and are used for the expenses generated in the day-to-day operations.  These donations are not used for salaries, as there are no paid staff positions associated with the organization.

Matching Contributions

Many companies will match contributions to non-profit organization made by their employees or retirees.  Donations given in a matching contribution program allows us more opportunities from your gift to us. Contact your personnel office or contact us at 785-654-3170.


Many times the Burlingame Historical Preservation Society, Inc. has been designated by families as the recipient of donations at the time of the death of a loved one.  A metal plate with the engraved name of the deceased and the year of birth and death is added to our memorial plaque to honor the deceased.  The family of the deceased is given a list of the names of the donors.

Planned Giving

Planned giving enables individuals to leave a lasting legacy which will assist the Burlingame Historical Preservation Society, Inc., as well as provide tax and income benefits for the donor. Examples of planned gifts include charitable gift annuities, bequests (gifts in your will), life estate agreements, and charitable remainder trusts. For more information on planned giving opportunities, contact us at 785-654-3170.

Grants and Foundations

Foundation support is essential to the success of our programs. Grant money allows us to expand programming, improve facilities, and preserve and acquire artifacts.  With the help of foundation contributions, we can ensure our continued viability. If your foundation is interested in learning more about the Burlingame Historical Preservation Society, Inc. contact us at 785-654-3170.


The purpose of an endowment is to provide financial support for a designated organization or program in perpetuity.  Contributions to endowment are never spent.  Instead interest generated from the investment of endowment funds provides operating support.

Why contribute to endowment?

The strongest appeal for making an endowment gift is the knowledge that the donors’ contributions will continue helping their favorite cause year after year.  There is great satisfaction knowing that through one’s generosity a worthy non-profit organization will carry on its important work or that a specific project or even a staff position will exist for the benefit of future generations.

Why does the organization need an endowment?

The Burlingame Historical Preservation Society, Inc. relies on several income sources for general operating support including membership dues, private donation and fundraising events.  With an endowment the organization’s budget will be less affected by fluctuating income sources, changes in the local/national economy and uncertain fundraising efforts.

What support is needed?

The Burlingame Historical Preservation Society, Inc. seeks to endow the general operations.  Interest from this fund will support daily activities and associated expenses; everything from office supplies to insurance.

How are endowment donors recognized?

All donors will be recognized in the organization’s quarterly publication.  Further, additional recognition will be provided in an appropriate location at the museum.