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newsletterALL ABOARD!! is our newsletter and is published quarterly for our members with information on the latest news and activities. It includes upcoming events, fundraisers, membership renewal and annual meeting ballot. If space permits, a special features section has stories or historical information on a variety of topics.

Think for a moment about the things you remember about Burlingame. You may recall the history of specific buildings or stories you have been told or remember about past days of Burlingame traditions, events, businesses or people. Please share these stories with us. We are also seeking photos of past events, businesses, country school houses, coal mines, organizations, the old opera house, movie theaters, citizens, the race track, fairgrounds, historic homes and anything else related to our history. These things need to be recorded now before any more of this history becomes lost to time.

We would like to share YOUR stories and pictures in upcoming newsletters, as well as including them in our vertical files in the research room for reference to aid others should they be interested in knowing more. Contact us if you are willing to assist us!


Volunteers Repairing Old Schoolhouse

BURLINGAME — About two dozen volunteers have been working the past couple of years to repair and preserve a historic one-room schoolhouse two miles south of Burlingame.

Superior School, built in 1894 in the since-vanished Superior community, had been unlocked for several years. The windows had been broken. The exterior paint had chipped away, and the posts holding up the roof of the porch were so termite-ridden they had buckled.

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